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Unit of Measure

Electrical Parameters at 25 ºC

Inductance at 0 Direct Current (DC) (ADC) (±10%)

N/A 2.10 µH

Inductance at Rated Current (Irated) (±15%)

N/A 2.00 µH

Rated Current (Irated) (ADC)

N/A 30.0 A

Maximum Primary Direct Current Resistance (DCR)

N/A 2.0 mOhm

Maximum Secondary Direct Current Resistance (DCR)

N/A 1500 mOhm

Primary Turns Ratio

N/A 4T

Secondary Turns Ratio

N/A 16T

Isolation Direct Current (DC) Voltage (VDC)

N/A 1500 V

Current Saturation (Isaturation) at 25 ºC

N/A 45 A

Current Saturation (Isaturation) at 100 ºC

N/A 40 A

Current Heating (Iheating)

N/A 37 A


High Current Rating

N/A Up to 73 A

Maximum Lower Profile

N/A 7.4 mm

Standard Operating Temperature Range

N/A -40 to +130 ºC

Available Design

N/A Custom

Footprint Dimension


N/A 23.5 mm


N/A 19.50 mm



  1. Inductance of TI25S1604 measured on Agilient/HP4284 between pins 7 & 11 at 100 kHz, 0.1 Vrms.
  2. The Irated is either 85% of the Isaturation or the Iheating depending which is lower.
  3. The Isaturation is the current which causes the inductance to drop by 15% of its nominal value.
  4. The Iheating is the current which causes the temperature of the part to increase by approximately 45 ºC.
Product performance is limited to specified parameters. Data is subject to change without prior notice.

Unless otherwise specified, all tolerances are:
inch: .XX : ±0.015 .XXX : ±0.004
mm: X.X : ±0.38 X.XX : ±0.10

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