MPS Industries, Inc.
  • Helical Edge Wound (HEW) Flat Wire Toroid Inductors
  • Low Core Loss
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Good DC bias characteristics
  • Lower ACR than traditional round wire toroid inductors
  • Extremely low interwinding capacitance
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Item #

Inductance (±12%)

Maximum Direct Current (DC) Resistance

Isat (Typ) 10% drop

Isat (Typ) 20% drop

Isat (Typ) 30% drop

Irms (Typ) 40ºC rise

HT1500-121 N/A 120.0 µH N/A 65.0 mOhm N/A 5.8 A N/A 8.5 A N/A 11.3 A N/A 6 A
HT1500-281 N/A 285.0 µH N/A 65.0 mOhm N/A 2.5 A N/A 3.8 A N/A 5.0 A N/A 6 A
HT1500-361 N/A 360.0 µH N/A 65.0 mOhm N/A 2.0 A N/A 3.0 A N/A 4.1 A N/A 6 A
1 - 3 of 3 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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