MPS Industries, Inc.
  • Ideally suited for Dual Active Bridge (DAB) or Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB) Transformer applications
  • High efficiency and cost effective design and construction
  • Suggested Cooling: Heat Sink or 120LFM forced air
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Item #

Input (VDC)

Output (VDC)

Maximum Output (ADC)

Switching Frequency

Maximum Output Power

Minimum Primary Inductance

Maximum Leakage Inductance (1-2)

Maximum Primary Direct Current Resistance (DCR)

Maximum Secondary Direct Current Resistance (DCR)

Primary : Secondary Turns Ratio (±3 %)

E6526 N/A 200-240 N/A 20-33 N/A 120 N/A 100 kHz N/A 3000 W N/A 1160 µH N/A 10.0 µH N/A 25.0 mOhm N/A 1.00 mOhm N/A 7:1
E6527 N/A 380-420 N/A 20-33 N/A 250 N/A 100 kHz N/A 7000 W N/A 1800 µH N/A 16.0 µH N/A 20.0 mOhm N/A 0.50 mOhm N/A 11:1
E6528 N/A 430-530 N/A 33-56 N/A 250 N/A 100 kHz N/A 10000 W N/A 1800 µH N/A 14.0 µH N/A 15.0 mOhm N/A 0.50 mOhm N/A 9:1
1 - 3 of 3 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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